Using the Size Chart

Size Charts

Do some or all of your products come in different sizes?

You can help your shoppers decide which size to order by providing a table or chart with details on your product sizes and any recommended corresponding measurements.

Create a Size Chart:

For each size chart you want to use in your shop, you’ll need to create a separate page by going to Online Store > Pages > “Add a Page.”

This page can include text and/or images, and commonly uses some kind of grid or table to present sizing information. webp to png 15

Option 1: Use a single size chart for all products

If you only have one sizing guide that applies to all your merchandise, and you want that size chart to be accessible from each product page, follow these steps:

Step 1: Head into Customize (your Theme Editor).

Step 2: In the Theme Editor (customize) select the Theme settings tab > and click into Product grid settings (in the Flex theme, click into the Product form settings). 

Step 3: Choose the page you’ve just created for your size chart.


Result: This will add a “Size chart” link (to that one size chart you just specified) to every product page in your shop.

Option 2: Use different size charts for different products

If you have different size charts for different items, and/or have some products that don’t need a size chart at all, you can specify which ones to use, and where, using the following method:

Step 1: Go to your Size Chart Page and make a note of the handle for that page: optimize

Step 2: Next, go to a product where you want that particular ‘size chart’ to be used, and add a new tag in the Tags section with the following format:


(where “handle-name” = the handle of the page for a particular size chart; in our example the page handle was “size-chart”) optimize 1 3

Step 3: Repeat this step for every size chart and every product you have, that you want to use a specific size chart with. 

Step 4: After you’ve done that, head into Customize (your Theme Editor) > Theme Settings > Product Grid (Product Form if you’re using the Flex theme) > ‘Size chart‘ and either remove the selected size chart, or leave the setting empty, without a selected page.


This method will add a custom ‘Size Chart‘ link only to the product pages in your shop that have a ‘meta-size-chart’ tag applied to them; products without this meta tag will not display a size chart link at all.

We will continue to update; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!

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