Terms of Service

Last modified: September 11, 2018

In this section you can find the main conditions of sale and general information to clarify the service offered from our website. Should you have any doubt or need further information it is possible to contact us at hello@StoreFix.co.

In this document the word “client” refers to each individual or company who bought a service offered by StoreFix.


Once the Client has submitted his/her purchase order, he/she accepts and obliges himself/herself to observe these sales conditions during the relationship with StoreFix.

The Client takes into account that StoreFix shall not be bound by any different sales conditions from the ones written here, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing.

StoreFix reserves the right to modify the sales conditions at any point in the future. In that case, the new sales conditions will be effective only on purchases made after the new sales conditions have been published on the website.
StoreFix therefore recommend the Client to have sight of last version of the sales conditions before submitting any purchase order and possibly to print them or save a copy of them on a computer-readable form.


StoreFix.co is an online service that offers an e-mail support to website managers of Shopify platform (hereinafter the “Service”).

The access to the Service may be sporadically interrupted due to technical problems,
maintenance works, restore processes or for any other reasons that are not under StoreFix‘s control.

StoreFix reserves the right to interrupt the Service at any moment without notice.


One of the required conditions to use the Service is creating your personal account on StoreFix.co by choosing an username, a password and the provision of further information.

The information submitted must be accurate and kept up to date.

The authentication process is part of the normal security and authentication procedures and it is intended to ensure the safety of the Clients, making sure that the Client is really interested in registering or activating the Service.

The registered user must keep safe the access codes and not share them with anyone, these account details are the only mean to identify the Client and validate his accesses to the Service. In the case of dismay, theft or loss of the access codes the Client must promptly inform StoreFix that will proceed with their deactivation.

The disclosure of access codes of the website and/or to the Service may allow access to not authorised third party.

The customer is the only responsible for all the activities done using his account.
StoreFix Services are available both for companies and individuals 18+ years old.


The payment of the Service is in advance plus any applicable taxes.

The Client is responsible for well-timed payment of StoreFix Service.

Prices of our services may be changed at StoreFix’s sole and exclusive discretion.

The Client accepts that we are not liable to refund any of his/her payments in the case that our prices decrease, or if some offers or packages are altered after you have made your payment.
StoreFix doesn’t handle or store Clients’ payment details used to purchase the Services (i.e. numbers of credit cards), these data are kept from the payment service providers.
The actual payment happens by transferring protected and encrypted data directly to the payment gateway. The payment service provider communicate the result of payment transaction to StoreFix only when the transaction has been done. StoreFix reserves the right to apply limitation and exclusions to the means of payment of the Service available for the Client, for safety reasons.
StoreFix reserves the right to not accept orders in the case of personal data and/or payments data which are not real, or if there was any kind of breach towards StoreFix in the past, or if the Client exceeded the spending limits.

StoreFix carries out the necessary checks to undertake the appropriate actions aimed to control illegal activities, retaining the right to act against whoever commits online fraud crimes.


StoreFix assumes no responsibility for direct and indirect damages of any kind suffered by the Client, its partners, its agents, its employees or collaborators related to the Service provided.

Under no circumstances StoreFix can be held liable of profit loss, inability to use the Service, direct and indirect damage of any kind.
StoreFix is in no way responsible for the consequences of illegitimate use of the data provided by the Client. In particular, StoreFix cannot guarantee:

• the operation of www.StoreFix.co website without interruption
• the operation of www.StoreFix.co website without errors

Any kind of technical malfunctions of www.StoreFix.co website or temporary interruptions that may momentarly prevent the use of the Service shall not give right to any refund to the Client.

StoreFix.co website may containt some links to third party websites. StoreFix cannot be held responsible for accessibility and content of these links and for any consequence of usage of the links’ content.

The Client accepts that the sole solution for any alleged damage caused by StoreFix Service is the cancellation from the Service subscribed.


To get support from StoreFix you have to create a request of support called “ticket”.
You can create a ticket from

1. Shopify Job Board ‘Control Panel’
2. Writing to the e-mail hello@StoreFix.co

We do not provide support over the phone, on Skype or other channels, unless differently specified on the Service purchased.

Every request of support (ticket) get processed or resolved as first come first served basis.
Every ticket shall be subjected to approval or refusal at StoreFix sole discretion.

StoreFix could give alternative solutions or suggest a trusted business partner for requests outside what is foreseen in the Service.
StoreFix support is 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday, but we cannot estimate a time to solve a ticket.

Monthly tickets included on maintenance or support subscriptions shall not be accumulated.


Your support requests (tickets) will be successfully resolved if they contain the following issues:

• Problems with website interface (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
• Requests of modifications of style elements on the page (CSS)
• Requests of content additions and images modifications
• Requests of creating basic graphic elements (buttons, menus, newsletter form)
• Requests of Shopify consultations (support and consultancy)
• Requests of Shopify advice (how to do something)
• Themes and plugins checks
• Installation and setup of plugins
• Backup of your Shopify website (restore)
• Improvement of website performances
• SEO suggestions

List of example of requests that may be rejected:

• Change of website theme
• Creation of landing pages
• Plugin customization
• Theme customization
• Marketing activities
• SEO services

If you are not sure whether your support request concerns any of the above listed topics, please submit us a ticket asking if the request may be accepted.


The Service can be interrupted at any time both from the Client or StoreFix.

The relationship is based on mutual satisfaction.

StoreFix has a zero-tolerance policy towards aggressive communication, insults and discrimination.

If the Client wants to discontinue the Service he can do it from the Control Panel of Shopify website.

There are no refunds on Services which have already been paid.


StoreFix reserves the right to modify these user conditions at any time in the future informing the Clients by email.
The Client is responsible for reading and understanding the changes.

Continuing using the Service implies the formal acceptance of any change.


StoreFix collects data while the Client access to the Services offered.
These data are used exclusively to contact the Client and/or to provide the website support or maintenance Services.

StoreFix keeps all the data strictly confidential.

These data may include:

• Access data to the Shopify website, Small Fix, Website Speed;

• Access data to Services related to the website (such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Aweber);

• Data related to the content of the website (such as the customer list, paid information products, ebooks);

• Data related to the type of the business of the customer (such as traffic volumes, conversion rate, sales volumes).

These data may be transferred to the servers of StoreFix for backup or similar operations.

Partial access to these data may be given to collaborators or commercial partners of StoreFix for the sole purpose of providing the agreed services.


In the case of some of the rules of this Conditions of Use appears to be inapplicable the rest of them shall continue to be fully effective.

The Service subscribed is subject to the Dutch laws. The court of residence or domicile of the Consumer, or in other cases, exclusively the court of Amsterdam shall be competent to solve any dispute arisen or in any case connected with the contract and with these Conditions of Use.

These Conditions of Use, the rules specified during the distance sale process, where applicable, form the whole contract agreement between the Client and StoreFix.

In case of conflict between the rules of this Conditions of Use published in English language and the ones published in Italian language, such as in case of conflict between the Italian version and the English one, the Italian version shall be considered predominant.


StoreFix.co website, all its pages, its technologies, the platform, the ideas, the logos, the brands, the layout, the texts, audio/video files and any other activity connected to the website and its services are exclusively intellectual property of StoreFix.

They cannot be duplicated, used or represented by the Client, except when it is expressly allowed and in so far as it is allowed. The right provided to the Client is limited to the use of the website and/or its Services which is not transferable and it is limited to a private use not a commercial one.


For any enquiries or comments about this document please send an email to hello@StoreFix.co or send a mail to:

Address: No: 9/2 A, 16th Lane,
Marine Drive, Kollupitiya.
Colombo Sri Lanka